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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Being Boring

I was teaching a lesson the other day and I started to get the sneaking suspicion that I need to get out more. We were telling each other about our most exciting weekends, our most dangerous weekends, our most romantic weekends, and so on. I had a pretty hard time coming up with anything! In the end, I had to do a lot of "creative embellishment"... I am the teacher after all, so I can't be telling them that my most exciting weekend ever was the time I rented a PlayStation and sat around playing Tomb Raider for 48 hours straight.

Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't seek out some more exciting hobbies. Skydiving is out of the question. But maybe I could handle scuba diving... that whole drowning thing never really appealed to me, but otherwise, it looks like fun. I've tried downhill skiing a few times ... my students are always so disappointed to hear that I'm from Canada but can't ski. Maybe I could take up snowboarding... Or motorcycle racing. Or pistol quick-drawing. Or trick riding.

And as for "most romantic weekend" ... sigh... I'm not sure what I should be doing to remedy that situation...


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