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Thursday, September 08, 2005

My New Address (Maybe)

I have received my tentative school and apartment assignment for my next contract. (These are never 100% certain until you actually start working; I guess this is because people who are being sent to other schools could drop out at the last minute, meaning the administration would have to shuffle teachers around a bit.) So anyway, as of right now, I'm supposed to be going back to teach at Tokyo University of Science (yay!) and I will be living in Abiko again. Abiko's a nice little town I guess, so that's not too bad. I think I'm far away from the station again, which kind of sucks, but you can't have everything. If you want to jot down my address, here it is:

Leopalace LAKESIDE
2-4-7 Kotobuki, Abiko City, Chiba 270-1152

Keep in mind that this could change, but until you hear otherwise, this address should be fine. I'll be there from September 21st. Send me stuff!

By the way: if you have a moderately powerful computer and a fast internet connection, you might consider downloading "Google Earth"... it's free, it's really cool, and I have become addicted to checking out satellite imagery of the world! You just type in a place name and the system zooms in on satellite imagery for that place. Some major cities even have 3D buildings so you can see skyscrapers. They don't have buildings done for Tokyo yet, but it's still fascinating to look around and try to identify places from the satellite photos. And if you're curious where Abiko is located, it's a great way to find out.


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