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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Crazy Snow

Japan has apparently been making the news internationally because of the crazy amount of snow that has been falling in and around Niigata prefecture. They have 4 metres of snow in some places. I don't have a TV but I saw a picture in the newspaper of guys from the army digging out houses and rescuing people. Just so that you're not worried about me (I've been flooded with worried calls and emails... okay, I got one) I'm in Fukushima and we haven't had much snow.

Today is Friday but I have the day off, which is nice. I have to work tomorrow, but then I have Sunday off again. They seem reluctant to ever let us have 2 holidays back-to-back, which is kind of strange, but I'm so thankful to be off today that I'm not complaining. I finally met my students, and they are really nice and very smart. I have 2 groups. My English class has 4 people, and their English is quite high. My technical class (the group I am trying to teach how to become teachers) is also 4 but is considerably less fluent. But, they are also a bit more fun because of their personalities.

Nothing else to report. I'm really just working, planning for my lessons, and sleeping!


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