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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kyushu Fauna

That gross bugger there was waiting for me when I got home. As you can see, his legs span one of the bricks on my front steps, which are about 5 inches across. Blechh. And it runs like the wind itself, too. I didn't kill it because, supposedly, these things eat worse things, like centipedes, which in turn eat cockroaches. Unfortunately, I hate centipedes more than I hate cockroaches, and I hate spiders more than I hate centipedes. The whole world's topsy-turvy!

So anyway, I've done a couple days of classes now. Boy, I'm not used to this "working" thing. I'm exhausted! Good thing I don't have to work tomorrow. My schedule this semester isn't as favourable as it was last time, but it's not too bad. I guess I'll get used to it.

No other real news, I guess, except that I made the mistake of asking somebody to store a box of my stuff over the summer, and that person made the "mistake" of giving my stuff away to the Salvation Army, who have since doubtlessly distributed my belongings to homeless people. So, my hard-to-find and expensive kanji dictionaries are now serving as pillows to bemused Japanese hobos; drunks are guzzling my after-shave for its alcohol content; my bus tickets are being used as rolling papers; my sketchbooks are kindling; and my bicycle pump is ... well, probably being used as a bicycle pump. But for SOMEBODY ELSE'S bicycle! You see the problem. I'm trying to be philosophical about the whole thing ... not to be too attached to material belongings, and all that; what's done is done, etc. So far so good. "Serenity now ... serenity now ... "


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