The Witless Clunkery of a Third-Rate Mind

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I came back to Ontario from New Brunswick yesterday, and from the plane I saw something absolutely amazing that I have never seen before, and I don't think I have even heard of before.

I guess the atmospheric conditions as we were coming into Toronto were just perfect to create a rainbow BELOW the plane! The sun was pretty much directly overhead of us, and I suppose there was a thin (transparent) layer of moist air below us which was reflecting the light to create the rainbow. And it wasn't just a rainbow, it was a full circle! (Usually, the horizon cuts off the lower half of the circle.) And, since we were actually only about 5000 feet or so above the ground at the time, I could see the buildings and highways quite clearly, so I could also see this amazing bright rainbow moving along with us, sweeping across farms, highways, subdivisions ... it was really amazing. I realized that I may never see that again, but I hope I will ...

Anyway, I had a good time in New Brunswick. I'm back in Ontario where things are a bit quieter (!) so I will have to try and get some studying done. But I may not be able to write the damn Japanese test after all ... arghh... it's kind of a long story, but basically, I don't know if they will accept reasonable payment methods (like credit cards) or whether I have to do some stupid "only in Japan" method, like a postal wire payment or something silly like that. Grrrr.