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Monday, April 04, 2005

My New Address, etc.

Hey! I just received my new apartment assignment information. This could change, but probably won't, so here it is:

Leopalace Gold, 7-9-1 Namiki, Abiko City, Chiba 270-1165, Japan

My phone number should be the same as before: 080-5008-5333.

I was a bit surprised (and disappointed) that I'm not going back to the same place I was before. I had naively assumed that they would put me back in the same apartment complex if not the exact same unit. It always takes a month or two to find your way around a place, and so I had just started getting comfortable with where I was when it became time to leave. Now I will probably have to find a new iaido teacher, a new calligraphy teacher, as well as locating all the other little amenities of life. Oh well... maybe Abiko city will be a huge improvement on Toyoshiki. Let's try and look on the bright side of things!


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