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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

It has been cherry blossom season for the past couple weeks. This is a precious season that always goes by so quickly that it feels like it only lasts a few days, but it does actually last about 2 weeks from start to finish. I was lucky this year in that I had a lot of free time to get out and enjoy it, a few times and in a few different places.

Taken near my place, on about the 2nd day of the season.
One day there were only buds on the trees, the next warm day, suddenly everything was white.

These 2 photos are the view on my street...

One of the cool things about cherry trees is that the trees themselves are so ugly: rough black bark, twisty limbs ... but then suddenly they explode in these fantastic blossoms.

A week later, we went to Shakuji Park, a couple stops away from my place. A lot of the blossoms had fallen already, but depending on the species, some blossoms start later. These trees were in full bloom.

Then about a week later, I went for a walk around Shinjuku and ended up in Shinjuku Park. It was also nearly finished, but it was still beautiful. When it is in full bloom, it is stunning.

Random picture of a cool building: this looks like a pickle to me but I think Japanese people call it "the coccoon".
It's actually a college of art and design, I guess.

The park wasn't very crowded because it was near the end of flower-viewing season, because it was a bit cloudy and rainy, and also because the governor of Tokyo called for people to hold off on hanami (flower viewing parties) this year because of the disaster. Although I understand his sentiment, I think it's counterproductive to tell people not to celebrate life. Also, the sake-makers from the northeastern areas, who have already been hit hard, have been imploring people to drink and make merry and keep buying their products. These good people are doing their part...


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