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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This Won't Last Long

Although not as bad as some countries (Italy comes to mind) Japan has had kind of a revolving-door when it comes to Prime Ministers. The last few PMs have only lasted a year or so each before resigning (I could look it up, but there are few topics I care less about than politics).

Anyway, this guy made headlines when he and the Democratic Party toppled the Liberal Democratic Party, which has been in power in Japan for ... well, forever, basically. Now there are tons of novice politicians who will be holding office for the first time, (including a woman who has never really had a full-time job before) which is sure to be a recipe for scandals and political disaster. I predict that this government is not going to last long.

And this isn't going to help:
PM's Wife Is a Frigging Nut


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